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  1. Sensitive

    jail for no reason

    hello. since you ignore me ig maybe you will give me an answer here. i got jailed for camping a raid. when i checked the rules on website/forum/discord none of them stated that i'm not allowed to do it. i understand the principle why this shouldn't be allowed, but since nobody said it is forbidden you jailed me for nothing. if you want people to not do shit on your server, create a good set of rules. if you can't ask/pay someone that can. you got 4 or idk how many gm's in your team. 1 can answer to me the reason why i got jailed.
  2. Sensitive

    Greetings everyone. Let's discuss some things.

    a new player can buy dyna daggers+22 in 1 day only by joining and losing events. it is 1g he can farm thons at alligators with newbie gear. 1 thons atm is worth 5k ss...make 10 you got 1g. pus in rod during the day is almost always free. 1 bp and 2/3 archers with starting items can easly farm the pus which means medals+fa+lucky drops. (1 belt means 5 medals+ss+be) you can get dyna armor 2.5 in 1 day, even less. Dynasty is also op for farm. rare event tokens are 2:1g, mby even more. Without counting tvt where you need a kill you get at least 2 of those per day. if you are new and you are not stupid expecting ppl to invite you to horror/obli/glabs parties the minute you start, or you don't stay in giran begging for items you can easly get decent gear in less than a week. when the srv started 40-45 fa were 1g. Now it's 125:1g. Get votes. 10:1g. In one day, including the 2 you get from individual voting you get at least 6-7. Tit rune is 1g mby a bit more. Make a healer sub and search for 85 lvl rb. The zergs as you call them don't usually kill them anymore. Shout for dd's and 1 tank and kill them. It's 50% gold, mby hope for a lucky drop too. New pvp area for newbies will just be exploited by smart players to create bots for dvc. Dont fking expect to join a custom srv and be relevant in pvp. Go farm for a few days, get some gear then join pvp. The only thing that might be beneficial would be to add a solo instance or something similar, where you get some basic mats+ some pvps and 1 guaranteed crystal pack. Same requirements as kama. This way ppl will catch up faster the cap for dvc. So stfu with this stupid things that newbies leave because they got no chance. They leave because either they are stupid or lazy.
  3. Sensitive

    Gemstones - Relic Jewels

    you can also go for vesp neck...nobody tells you to go for vlakas so just go farm and stop qqing around the forum
  4. Sensitive

    Gemstones - Relic Jewels

    Nobody's making you go for the standard. Build whatever you can afford or grind more if you want endgame items Also the comparison is stupid. you compare 4 relics vs. 5 relics.