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  1. [GM]Wkings

    very annoying with this game

    Hi @yimichut, there a npc for newbie starter items, u can get some items with vote reward and newbie coins. also try to join daily events, instances, Thanks for u feedback. regards
  2. [GM]Wkings

    Not newbie friendly!!!

    I suggest u to join to already clan mate, also u can make new friends or invite others friends to play. We already improve some items that can be clain for newbie pple, u just need make votation on server and clain vote reward ingame. check starter item npc and vote store. regards!
  3. [GM]Wkings

    Visual Appearance

    Visual Appearance change is now available, find Donatella in Giran Town and check Information about it, in order to use the Save config button, download the following files: File 1: etcitems - click here File 2: itemname-e - click here Download and paste it inside of your game system folder, replacing old files. You need buy this ticket from donatella or donation shop, for can set the save options of u visual appearance.
  4. [GM]Wkings

    Unique +15 untrad question

    Hi @balabanov91, it's not possible.
  5. Paga's Temple Weekend Chaotic Farm Zone Open date time: Every friday at 21:00 GMT+2 Close date time: Every monday at 06:00 GMT+2 The chaotic zone, based on two mobs teams, on the left side in the zone is the Mahum team, which drops Demon Eye and Living Flame, on the right side in the zone is the Tantaar team, which drops Arch Demon Eye and Crystallized Chaos. Also, we have mini raids in each room, which drop many of the new materials. In the center of pagan's, there is a teleporter that takes you up, where the Raidboss called Pagan's Guardian leaves weekly.
  6. [GM]Wkings

    Change Password

    Hi @RoRRoNoa , using magic book ingame u will see the password options. you have to set a secret code first and then u will be able to change password using secret code and new password. Gl
  7. [GM]Wkings

    Change logs

    Hero Weapons Stats
  8. [GM]Wkings

    help me please!

    it's u window SO probably, maybe u need update graphic card or fix directx.
  9. [GM]Wkings

    Tier 2 Dynasty

    Hi LoOst, only +17 main tier 2 and same bonus on +20 main tier 1
  10. [GM]Wkings

    help me please!

    try to delete entry.dll inside u l2 system folder.
  11. [GM]Wkings

    help me

    Hi, make a petition ingame.
  12. what msg u get?, take a print
  13. Hi @Energy this is a new protection system for prevent people get scamm... You have to confirm email ingame for unlock account.