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    #Update 5 of December * Fixed Event Top killers messages * Fixed an error with Pagans dont kicking players other than the allowed days Major Update Notes Clan Slots Update * Clan penalties for clans exceeding slot numbers will be applied to the clans after Sunday. * Clan penalties for players leaving clans have been lifted * Olympiad points will not be wiped in case someone leaves/joins a clan till Sunday. * Clan Reputation has been doubled for all monsters ==== Clan Penalties for Clans exceeding the default numbers on main clan or any sub-unit. -> You will not be able to earn any Clan Reputation point. -> Clan Skills will be temporarily disabled -> You can't register for any castle Siege. Farming Update * Materials' drop rates are getting improved in The Cemetery. * Pagans Temple will be available from Thursday to Monday morning. * Clan Reputation has been doubled for all monsters. Gear-Items Update * Dread Gear has been already added to the shop * Forbidden Tier 1 skills will be added next week at the shop. (Their price will require 1 Unknown material so you guys can prepare for it). * Forbidden Tier 2 skills will be available for testing purposes later today, their price will be given soon. * New Belts are getting their prices right now (Their price will require 1 Unknown material so you guys can prepare for it), and they will be available for purchase at Sunday. =======Materials Update====== * Living Flame and Crystalized Chaos added as drop to Anakazel and Cruel Rider. * The chance of drop Coin of Luck in general was increased. * Dread Shards dropable in the following mobs: Kaiona's Servant, Lindvior Wizard, Messenger Invader and Knight of Destruction.
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    Hello, please send me a pm with your account details.