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L2Epic without gf 1.png Class reworked

⚔️ Sword Muse. We created a UNIQUE way for sws to be relevant and feel strong against everything,

now while attacking you will gain charges so you can spam your crosscut with more ease without wasting time/hits to recharge.


⚔️ Summoners and their pets reworked. Now pets are slightly more defensive but deal less damage while summoners got a lot more damage than before, therefore even if you were to kill the summoner's pet it wont feel as bad for the summoner since they got a decent boost on their damage. They also got some new skills for balance purposes and most of them can be enchanted.

  • Added some Skills
    • Arcana Lord
      • got Blaze, Aura Flash, Burning Chop and Dash lvl 1.
    • Elemental Summoner
      • got Hydro Blast, Aura Flash, Freezing Shackle and Diamond Dust.
    • Phantom Summoner
      • got Death Spike, Curse Death Link and Dash lvl 1.

L2Epic without gf 1.pngSYSTEM

⚔️ The heal penalty for Shillien/Elven Elders no longer applies.

⚔️ Healers and Dominators will no longer lose exp when doing Rebirths. its only fair since they have level restrictions for Sublime and Flames but they can only use Rebirth at lvl 93. Any other class can use Rebirth at lvl 92 and will lose 2 levels.

⚔️  Certifications were modified for better balance.


L2Epic without gf 1.png ITEMS

⚔️ New custom items added.

    ebo.png     rhs.png     epic hair.png

Sin título-3.pngSin título4.png

⚔️ Accesories reworked.





⚔️ s80,s84 Weapons reworked.

Sin título-1.png

⚔️Vesper Weapons now got their own SA. The purpose behind this change is to make the gap difference between tit/vesper a little smaller.

⚔️Hero Weapons now got their own unique SA. So they can be used on mass pvp or even 1v1, depending on the situation.

⚔️We also slightly adjusted the stats of Tier3 Tattoos. For a better balance and created better combinations for most class to use.

⚔️ We replaced the old cloaks. with new better looking cloaks.
⚔️All cloaks will keep their old stats except the castle cloaks which we boosted. in order to motivate people to participate in Castle Sieges.
The clan leader's cloak will add a skill that summons his members to him.

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L2Epic without gf 1.png ITEMS

⚔️ As mentioned above castle cloaks will now be useful. There will be 4 different cloaks from which you can choose only 1 at a time, meaning you will have to delete the one you are already using to get one of the other 3. The 4 cloaks will be a slightly boosted version of the 4 Tier 1 cloaks.


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⚔️ Fixed Geodata issues.

⚔️ Enabled Siege Events, ready to be used.

⚔️ Hosting server now can handle a little more increased traffic.

⚔️ Improved drops and experience where was necessary.

⚔️ Added some mobs to  ROD and Executions Ground Area.

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⚔️ Improved drops and experience where was necessary.

⚔️  The crystals materials were implemented in a system that can be obtained randomly or as a specific drop.

image.png The mobs that contain that drop, means that it can randomly give some crystal either: Thons, Enria, Asofe, Magnetite or Cornelian.

⚔️  Also, they can be obtained through a Crystal Pack Item that will soon be available in the store.


⚔️Mobs dropping Thons:
     🦕Soul Frayer (Cot-Rod) 3% chance.
     🦕 Archer of Desparir/Eyehawk (CoT-RoD- Execution) 12% chance.
     🦕 Vile Alligator (CoT) 2% chance.
     🦕 Turtlian Warrior (Execution) 2% chance.

⚔️ Mobs dropping Cornelian:
Ritual Muertos (Cot-Rod) 2% chance.
     🦕 Lindvior Wizard (Execution) 12% chance.

⚔️Mobs dropping Magnetite:
     🦕 Smith's Chameleon(Rod) 10% chance.
     🦕Judgment Hound (CoT) 10% chance.

⚔️Mobs dropping Enria:
     🦕Knight of Destruction (Execution-CoT) 10% chance.

⚔️Mobs dropping Asofe:
     🦕 Kaiona's Servant (Execution) 10% chance.

⚔️ The Festival Adena in general was increased in all areas, and added to some solo-medium mobs.

⚔️ Vesper Essence drops were increased overall.

⚔️Party farm was slightly increased, Torum Beast, Krakian Beast and Glabrezu drop event medals 35% chance.

⚔️ On the next server restart:
     🔧 Healer classes party restriction on events removed.
      🔧 Charge Mastery ability fixed on Sword Muse class.

We are evaluating every minute how the farm is going, in order to adjust everything and reach a point that is pleasant and fair for everyone.

Enjoy Game

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L2Epic without gf 1.png Epic Enchant Bonus was added to the following armors in the following enchant:
           ⚔️Dynasty Armor set with tier 2 main and all parts +20.
           ⚔️ Dynasty Armor set with tier 2.5 main +17.
           ⚔️ Vesper Armor set +16.
           ⚔️ Titanium Armor set +12.

image.png  image.pngimage.png

L2Epic without gf 1.png Healer class party restriction at events has been removed.

L2Epic without gf 1.png All classes now revive with all their HP CP MP to the maximum.

L2Epic without gf 1.png Now you can exchange Event medal for Glit in the store using Blue Eva.

L2Epic without gf 1.png Crystal Pack was added to the store.



Enjoy Game

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L2Epic without gf 1.png Iron Belt and Mithril Belt were changed a little in terms of defense and life

ib.PNG                 mt.PNG

L2Epic without gf 1.pngResolved an issue with healers healing other healers and self.




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⚔️ List of Special Abilities of hero weapons.

image.pngInfinity Blade: On crit has a chance to hex the target.
image.pngInfinity Cleaver: On crit has a chance to stun the target.
image.pngInfinity Axe: Momentarily paralyze the target when you are under attack.
image.pngInfinity Rod: Momentarily sleep the target when you are under attack.
image.pngInfinity Crusher: On crit has a chance to stun the target.
image.pngInfinity Scepter: On cast has a chance to lower target's mDef.
image.pngInfinity Stinger: On crit has a chance to switch the target.
image.pngInfinity Fang:  On crit has a chance to disarm the target.
image.pngInfinity Bow: On crit has a chance to bluff the target.
image.pngInfinity Wing: On crit has a chance to Physical Mute the target.
image.pngInfinity Spear: On crit has a chance to root the target.
image.pngInfinity Rapier: On crit has a chance to bleed the target.
image.pngInfinity Sword: On crit has a chance to weaken (lower pAtk and mAtk) the target.
image.pngInfinity Shooter: On crit has a chance to Silence the target.

All SA in hero weapons have a greater chance of effectiveness than in any other weapon.

In a few days there will be a rework regarding the base stats, everything will be informed and we will notify you to run the automatic updater.

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-The differences between Vesper and Titanium armors were adjusted slightly.

-The mDef in the Dynasty and Relics Jewels was increased with the purpose of creating a better balance in terms of magical powers.

-The Critical Damage in Baium and Queen relics was reduced by 5%, in general these jewels were giving more than double the critical damage that the previous tier, reason that creates a lot of difference in terms of damage in general.

We are working on:

-Readjustments in some weapons that are very little used or do not provide enough to be fair.

-The weapons of heroes are being 100% changed, the idea is to offer a weapon that gives you enough for the effort you must make to have it, and that combined with its new special abilities.

-We are working on the balance of classes in general, which may be considered weak with respect to the others, these changes include stats, skills and other modifications that will be announced this week.

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System against Olympiad feed in progress:

-Now you can play olympiads with only one character in the same HWID every day.
-When a player is disconnected, the opponent does not win any points in that fight, but the disconnected player loses the points the same as before.

Changes in skills:

-Dodge skill now evades any type of debuff in addition to physical skills evasion.

-Dodge skill was added to Bladedancer class.

- Change in skill Rage, the reduction of pDef was adjusted and other powers increased slightly (This benefits BDs more than Heavy classes). 

-Thrill Fight skill was adjusted slightly, its speed reduction is smaller and static, with 10 being the maximum speed reduction and having a maximum reduction of 5 speed when enchanted at level 17.

-Dread Bane Unique Weapon now has no AOE Targets reduction using Focus Attack skill.

-The pDef reduction of Vanguard skill was adjusted slightly.


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Boosted new Legendary Jewels (Core and Orfen) , here you can see its new detailed description:



-Changes are being made for Prophet class, now  Fist Weapon Mastery skill gives you mAtk by being enchanted if you are a prophet.

-Added skill Arcane Power to the prophet class.

-Now all the Fist Weapons give Evasion instead of accuracy to prophet class.

The following skills were changed:


Now, we provide two game modes for this class, depending on which setup the player prefers, the Bear Totem for full offensive and the Wolf Totem for full evasive.

Added 10% Magic Skill evasion to Phantom Mask:



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-Magic critical damage reduced by 5% in all magic classes.

-Dead Eye skill Shoot delay and atk speed penalty reduced, and increased the critical damage by 5%.

-Added 10% PvP Damage to Heretic Priest Kukri (As the description says).

-Rapid Fire skill: atk speed reduced.

-True Berseker skill: Accuracy was increased and its pDef reduction was reduced.

-Now the baits for fishing available in the merchant give experience up to lvl 92.

-The maximum number of certifications was changed: Now you can have a maximum of 6 specific class or master, and a total of 12 levels of emergent ability.

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The levels of some Raidboss were modified, many lvl 95 were changed to 94.
The raidboss lvl 95 will now announce when they appear.

List of raidboss lvl 95:

-Palibati Queen Themis
-Anakim's Nemesis Zakaron
-Death Lord Shax
-Ketra's Chief Brakki
-Torment Beast
-Lidia von Hellmann
-Tiat, the Soul Drinker

Many of those raidboss will be available from next week.

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**Major Update in L2Epic Coming on Thursday 5 of December** 

The following changes are coming to improve server's gameplay. We've been watching closely and got enough feedback from our Community on how the server should move forward so the game will be more fun and entertaining. More specific reasoning about the changes below is attached in the end of this Change Log.

**New gear available**

• Dread Armors and Dread Weapons will be farmable.
• S-Epic Weapons chances to be dropped slightly increased.
• New Belts which will allow you to optimize your character.

**New skills available**

• Forbidden Skills Tier 1 farmable. (Passive skills)
• Forbidden Skills Tier 2 farmable. (Active/Passive skills)
• Modifications on some skills' current effects so debuffs will have multiple and more useful abilities.

**Olympiad Changes**
• 4 New Buffs available in Olympiad
• +1 Buff Slot in Olympiad
• Olympiad Matches (of the running season) will be tracked and available to review to all players.

**Major Clan, Castle Siege, Fortress Siege, Alliance and Clan War Changes**

• Clan Reputation Points rewarded from Raidbosses, Olympiad, Monsters boosted by 50%.

• New rules for Clan Slots.
-> Default Clan Slots at Clan Level 5 will be **25**. Each Clan Level will grant you with 5 extra Clan Slots.
-> Royal Guards and Knights will give 5 Extra Clan Slots each.

• Improved delays and FPS drops while in Castle Siege.
-> The amount of Soulshots and Spiritshots broadcasts you receive is dramatically reduced while many players are nearby.
-> Removed Siege Guards (NPCs) from the Siege zones.

• Changes on Castle Siege Time
-> Rune Siege will now be hosted at 15:00 GMT +2 (Registrations end at 12:00 GMT +2)
-> Aden Siege will now be hosted at 21:00 GMT +2 (Registrations end at 20:00 GMT +2)

• Walls and Doors in Castle Sieges are now heavier to be brought down from players.
-> Boosted Dwarves' summons so they can be used properly on sieges.

• Castles' ownership will now be shared between the Clans in the same Alliance.
-> To Castle option for the second clan in an Alliance.
-> Clan B in an alliance will be always automatically approved as Defenders on Siege.
-> From now on, only clans with a found Alliance will be available to register for a Castle Siege.
-> Whenever a Clan leaves/joins an Alliance while already registered for a Castle Siege, the registration has to be made again.
-> Only the Alliance Leader is allowed to cast Seal of Ruler.

• Reduced the amount of available Fortresses down to 4.

• Clan War Changes
-> Double way Clan Wars will be automatically stopped 48 hours after their launch.
-> Once a Clan War ends, there will be Global Announcement announcing Clan War's winner.(Most kills)
-> Once a double way Clan War ends, both Clans will receive a cooldown time of 48 hours before they can Declare War again with the same Clan.  


• Clan Slots Reduced
-> Smaller clans will be able to participate on Mass PvPs, Raids, Sieges. Big clans can split to 2 Clans and they will not be affected at all.
-> More clans/alliance to compete in the server.

• Castles being shared.
-> Taking into consideration the Clan Slots change, we believe that its unfair for the 2nd clan in an Alliance to be without castle assuming they have also put some effort during the Castle Siege.
-> Less people will be casting Seal of Ruler, this will result in a more transparent Castle Siege and help Defenders when many players are casting Seal of Ruler. The strongest Alliance may win.

• New Gear and Skills unlocked
-> New adventures for the players, new material to work with.

• Olympiad Changes
-> The new buffs are mostly going to be crucial resists which are missing. This will bring big changes in Olympiad Matches.

• Clan Reputation Drop Rate - Amounts
-> With the new Clan Slots / Alliance system, we would like to help Clans get Clan Reputation Points easier. (Which means easier Clan Skills, Level up, foundation of Royal Guards and Knights.)

• Clan War Changes
-> War is meant to be some fun time PvPing with a rival Clan. Nowdays when Clans declare some war this leads on players' inactivity when they get zerged. 48 hours are more than enough for some full pvp action for both sides.
-> The cooldown time of 48 hours is there to help players to charge their batteries, get stronger from farming and then decide as a group if they want to declare a war again with the same clan.

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#Update  5 of December


* Fixed Event Top killers messages
* Fixed an error with Pagans dont kicking players other than the allowed days

Major Update Notes
Clan Slots Update
* Clan penalties for clans exceeding slot numbers will be applied to the clans after Sunday.
* Clan penalties for players leaving clans have been lifted
* Olympiad points will not be wiped in case someone leaves/joins a clan till Sunday.
* Clan Reputation has been doubled for all monsters


Clan Penalties for Clans exceeding the default numbers on main clan or any sub-unit.
-> You will not be able to earn any Clan Reputation point.
-> Clan Skills will be temporarily disabled
-> You can't register for any castle Siege.

Farming Update
* Materials' drop rates are getting improved in The Cemetery.
* Pagans Temple will be available from Thursday to Monday morning.
* Clan Reputation has been doubled for all monsters.

Gear-Items Update
* Dread Gear has been already added to the shop
* Forbidden Tier 1 skills will be added next week at the shop. (Their price will require 1 Unknown material so you guys can prepare for it).
* Forbidden Tier 2 skills will be available for testing purposes later today, their price will be given soon.
* New Belts are getting their prices right now (Their price will require 1 Unknown material so you guys can prepare for it), and they will be available for purchase at Sunday.

=======Materials Update======
* Living Flame and Crystalized Chaos added as drop to Anakazel and Cruel Rider.
* The chance of drop Coin of Luck in general was increased.
* Dread Shards dropable in the following mobs: Kaiona's Servant, Lindvior Wizard, Messenger Invader and Knight of Destruction.

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