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Season 4

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Ok lets get some things straight.

4 seasons u do the same stuff and same mistakes and servers end b4 they even get to the good clan vs clan pvps.


1. Unknown in the prices-> this ruins the economy so much its insane. Open season 5 with all prices OPEN FROM DAY 1 . let people know what they can sell and what they can collect ( you dont have to open the items they can still have unknown at the end of the materials list.)


2.Add everything u plan on adding from the opening. So people can hope and play and see the big picture.


3. Add only 1 grade of pvp tokens with 75 % chance on each pvp and put them in prices. This will make people pvp way more than just afk farm.


4.As soon as you open the chaotic dont close in . What i suggest is make it 4h per day per char/hdwi, like on interlude gold servers and it will make people value their time spent in there, plus they will be able to play that 4 hours when they want. Half of the people work in weekends its not rly fair to narrow it to 2 days.


5. If u make a server fro 600 700+ people make it the right way . With the start season 4 had u needed Cemetary and EG together to provide enough farm for all the REAL people who logged in . Nobody gonna wait 3 hours for 2 mobs in the zone.


6. The solo farm should be at least decent cuz not everyone is a part of a big clan.


7.Separate the drops on the mobs. What this means is dont make a mob that drops all the materials in the  game . This will at least lower the bots to have all the materials and ruin the economy as they did.


8. Make the TOWN SHOPS from plays with event medals instead of the useless blue eva. Its 1 sec change and it will provide much more trading .


9. DO NOT put siege events every day . It should be a weekend thing with a big reward and it will force people to try. Also if possible change the leader thingy cuz its awful to be on fame


10.Update the newbie items as people progress with the gear. U waited 50 days to upgrade the newbie shop which is insane. Every new player could get 15 DYNASTY when people had full legacy 12 and full relics . its a joke.


11. DO NOT nerf weapons mid game. Someone invested glits to make it high enchant and high attribute level and u nerf it . Its same as logging in some account and deleting half of his farm. Only boosts on classes/weps are acceptable.


12. Dont give gm to people who say thanks for suggestion and cancel the petition.  Give it to someone who can talk.


Thanks for reading and playing this season.

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