How to connect!

L2Epic comes handy to be installed as you dont need to do anything else other than downloading and running our fully automatic updater or download our patch and attach it on a High-Five client.
  • If you already have some High Five client, place our updater inside the root Lineage2 Folder and run it.
  • If you dont have any Lineage 2 Client installed, dont worry. Our updater will download for you the whole client and make you ready to play in matter of minutes(depending your download speed)
Download L2Epic Updater
Download Full Patch

In case your L2EpicUpdater.exe gets deleted from Windows Defender Security please follow the steps to mark it safe.
  • Open Windows Security.
  • Select Virus & threat protection and then click Protection history.
  • In the list of all recent items, filter on Quarantined Items.
  • Select an item you want to keep, and take an action, such as restore.