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    • quien va a querer empezar de 0 con estos gm inutiles,nunca vi que mataran un server de este estilo en 2 meses,hay q ser malo,es la tipica que se juntas 3 o 4 tarados con plata y hacen un server,ni puta idea.  
    • They do not want to revive server. They dont want to fix a good server for the players. They just open the server 3 months per year and they take the donations. And next year again. So you just waste your time with your suggestions.
    • Hello Gms, There are solutions to bring ppl back. First make a good event for christmass, like haloween event, droping mid items,talismans belts.relics, so ppl that left behind at equipment can get some items fast. Second make a good promotion at facebook, tell the ppl to spread the rummors. Third make an area for PvP for newbies so they can get pvp and the rest collect s-medals,s-80. Forth create a zone that is only Party-Teleport Area that when you enter you are flag, so ppl can fight for spot and the rest canot bot(this is sth that you should already done) with higher drops than other areas, so geared players can enjoy PvPs. ,Put some other items at Vote-Shop that ppl want to vote for them,also at pvp shops. And sth last   i know that you try to copy Pride at some point, but try to make Pks as the retail server, easy burn karma. Thats all i had to suggest for REVIVING the server, ofc if you want to see server with ppl again.   Many regards, Zakren.
    • Hello, only you can make this performace from 700 ppl on to 70.. in 2 mounth... Wipe server is not point to keep online.. and start again, from 0.. 
    • Very nice suggestion better wipe server with this changes and go on season 5 anyway most of ppls left soon other will also leave
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